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Cranio sacraal therapie


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Blockages can arise in the tissues due to emotional or physical events that the body has not been able to adequately recover from. Over time, this can cause (vague) complaints or the well-known 'weak spot'.

The word cranium is Latin for skull. Sacral comes from sacrum which stands for sacrum in Latin. As the name of the therapy indicates, the focus is on the entire cranio sacral system, meaning everything between the skull and the sacrum, such as the spine, nervous system and brain.

The treatment assumes that all organs, nerves, muscles and joints are connected with each other by means of connective tissue. Complaints or disorders can be the cause of tension or stress in this connective tissue.

The Cranio therapist will try to relax the Cranio Sacral System and the connective tissue of the patient using various manual techniques. This approach ensures that the body will recover by activating the self-regulating capacity.

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For which complaints

A physiotherapist treats all kinds of physical complaints. These vary from post-operative restrictions to shoulder and lower back complaints. Because I offer different forms of therapy, the arsenal of types of complaints that I treat is large.

Below is a small overview of the complaints that I regularly treat with physiotherapy and / or Cranio Sacral Therapy. If your complaint is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss which treatment options are suitable for your case.

  • Headache, migraine

  • Burn-out and/or stress related complaints

  • Post operative

  • Whiplash

  • Scars

  • Stomach and intestinal complaints

  • Fatigue complaints

  • Joint issues

  • Chronic pain complaints

  • Arthrose

  • Muscel and joint pains

  • Misunderstood physical complaints (MUS)

  • Neck and shoulder complaints

  • Middle and low back pain

  • Dizziness, sinusitis, tinnitus

  • And many other complaints ...

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