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Manual Therapy

Cranio sacral therapy

Osteopathy i.o


Haarlem & Zutphen

Flow Therapies 

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Physiotherapy with a holistic view blends proven complaints with an all-encompassing approach that looks at the total causes of the complaints.

Further and deeper than the regular physiotherapy.

Cranio Sacral therapy

A gentle treatment technique to cure long-term and stress-related complaints, possibly with an emotional aspect.

Helps to resolve emotional and physical blockages. To improve the self healing qualities of the body. 


Very effective and gentle osteopatic techniques in which the entire body is treated as a whole.

 Especially effective for chronic discomfort and pain, in wich the regular (physiotherapy) treatment was not effective enough. 

De behandelingen
Yoga at Home
"If you listen to your body when it whispers,
you won't have to hear it scream "

The therapist

I am Alice de Jong, a qualified physiotherapist since 2010 and cranio sacral therapist since 2018.

My treatment method has developed through the years and is built on the various courses and training that I continuous follow. My focus lays on which factors of the mind & body influence the recovery. 

In my treatment method I approach the body as a totality and do not only treat the points where the primary complaints are expressed but focus on the whole picture. The body is exceptionally beautiful but also complicated with an incredible natural dynamic of recovery.

I am the Owner of Practice Flow Therapies since 2018 and at our relaxing premises I co-exist pleasantly with other paramedics. The practise also offers a range of different yoga classes.

My aim is to help you to listen to and connect to your body so that you leave the treatment room healtier, stressfree and with more confidence towards the ability of your body to recover.



Cranio therapist

Osteopath i.o.

The therapist
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“Alice is a very nice, warm person. She has a lot of experience because she has followed all kinds of education and courses. This makes her look at treatment from multiple angles." 

 Tessa (30), schouderklachten 

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