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Make an appointment 

The practice offers various therapies that you can specifically choose.

For more information about the therapy types, read the further information on this website.

Below you can schedule your appointment directly in the therapist's agenda.

Are you here for the first time or do you have a new complaint? Then always choose a new appointment, not a follow-up appointment.

Not sure which therapy would help you best? Then you can always opt for the cranio-physio combination. It is a combination of both, especially tailored to your complaints and where you stand in your recovery process.

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Let op de juiste locatie

iDue to changes in the work schedule and many new cliënts, you may have to wait a little longer for an appointment. If you want advice to allready get startes with some exercizes, it is possible to book a telephone consultation with Alice. Do you need treatment as soon as possible? You can make an appointment with Alice her colleague Rosan. 

Are you already a cliënt of Alice and do you want a new or follow-up appointment? Please send an email, app or possibly by telephone to Alice and she will pass on the options. She always tries to keep space for existing clients by temporarily 'blocking' her online agenda.

De behandelingen

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